Water Damage


Do’s & Don’ts

If not properly handled, a loss involving water can lead to mould problems.

When you experience this kind of damage, DO:

  • Turn off any interior water source that may be causing the problem.
  • Inspect water damaged ceilings to ensure that they will not collapse.
  • Puncture holes in the ceiling to release excess water.
  • Move household items to areas where they will not sustain further damage.
  • Remove excess water from fragile surfaces such as wood and upholstery.
  • Call the nearest SystemCare location to help you mitigate the damages.
  • Contact your insurance company to make a claim.


  • Use electrical appliances, such as vacuum cleaners, to clean up water.
  • Turn on any electrical switches until your electrical system has been checked.
  • Use your furnace if water has saturated that area.
  • Wait to call our office for professional help.

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