Contents Pack Out


Do’s & Don’ts


There may be circumstances that we need to move your contents to aid us in our drying/cleaning/reconstruction efforts. Also if your contents are damaged and need to be moved to one of our office locations for assessment and cleaning. If we move your contents to our office location, you can expect our staff to be wrapping and boxing your items.

When you know that your contents need to be packed up DO:

    • Look through the rooms that are to be packed up and dispose of any brochures, catalogues or items that you do not want to have cleaned.
    • Remove any jewellery, money and/or personal items that do not need a assessment.

    But DO NOT:

    • Box any of the items that need to be moved unless you are with one of our staff. We cannot be held responsible for the items that you pack yourself.
    • Refrain from handling items to prevent further damage from occurring or cross contamination.

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