Sewer Back Up


Do’s & Don’ts

This is a type of Water Damage that is highly contaminated and could cause illness if exposed.

Examples include sewage, rising flood water from rivers and streams, and ground surface water.
When you experience this kind of damage, DO:

    • Treat the area as if it were highly contaminated.
    • Ensure that you and your family refrain from the affected areas.
    • Call the nearest SystemCare location to assess the damages,¬†clean and sanitize the areas.
    • Contact your insurance company to make a claim.

    But DO NOT:

    • Attempt cleanup of any kind.
    • Touch any items that have been exposed to the contaminants.
    • Wait to call our office for professional help!

    SystemCare has the proper personal protective gear, equipment and cleaning solutions to safely and effectively eliminate the contamination.

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